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does a protest s size matter the new york times - the women s march on saturday which took place in cities and towns all across the united states and around the world may well have been the largest, women discuss penis size askmen - so you want to know the answer to the age old question does size really matter it s a topic that s been debated by scientists therapists and divorce attorneys, 25 women share their thoughts on whether penis size matters - it s a topic that has yet to go away and probably never will does penis size matter well does it is this something about which you genuinely care studies have, women aged 18 to 50 answer whether size really matters - it s an age old question asked by men and women all over the world does size really matter when it comes to the relationship between a man and a woman, size does matter seeker - it turns out size does in fact matter trace explains why the length of a man s private parts matters to women, does size matter women one word - we invited women from 18 50 and every age in between to respond to does size matter these are their responses don t forget to subscribe and, does penis size matter it s complicated huffpost - 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